About Us

Placer ARC is a vibrant agency, serving the communities of Placer County and surrounding areas. Started as a grassroots advocacy association by parents in the late 1950’s, the agency transformed to give life to 12 programs serving infants, children and adults through the ensuing years. At present, Placer ARC operates 5 programs of fundamental importance to the community, of which individuals with special needs are an integral part.

Placer ARC is a private non-profit corporation, chaired by a volunteer community board and supported by individuals dedicated to promoting the welfare of persons diagnosed with a developmental disability or at risk of a developmental disability. Although individuals with special needs have always been a part of our society, the board, the association and the staff still have work to do to strengthen the general public’s understanding and acceptance.

Our Mission

It is our guiding belief that every individual with an intellectual or developmental disability has an intrinsic yet often unrealized value in their communities. In representing this population that has been historically underserved, Placer ARC is passionately and steadfastly dedicated to the support, education, and well-being of these individuals. Each of our six programs promotes various measures of support and growth in the areas of personal care, healthy lifestyles, finances, the visual and performing arts, volunteerism, vocational guidance, and higher education.

Our Values

Our values are grounded in the belief that each individual has something to contribute and that contribution, whether great or small, is truly important. We have learned that oftentimes before an individual can recognize their own potential, they must first be accepted, guided, supported, and given choices to do well. Accordingly, our value statement reads as follows:

Placer ARC invests
in the lives of individuals
with special needs
because every life has value.


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